Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboards (SUPs) are all the rage on the river in recent years. Stand up paddleboarding is a fun, family-friendly way to get all ages out and playing on the water. For both beginner and veteran paddlers alike, hopping on a board with a paddle in hand is a great way to spice up the calm sections of a river, and an exhilarating way to ride the rapids on your next river trip with OARS.

Stand Up Paddleboard Rapids


Stand Up Paddleboard Couple

OARS paddleboards are rigid like a surfboard, but inflatable like a raft, and at 10+ feet long and close to three feet wide, our SUPs are surprisingly stable. Paddling a SUP provides one of the best perspectives to be had on a river trip, with a full view of the scenery in front of you, and a clear view of the water passing beneath you. And not only does stand-up paddleboarding provide a new view of any river, it’s an aerobic, full-body work out that’s perfect for anyone who wants to make their rafting trip even more active. Plus, you can bail off into the water whenever you start to break a sweat!


With so much fun to be had we almost always bring SUPs on our Lower Salmon River trips in Idaho and 6-day Cataract Canyon rafting trips in Utah. Often times we also bring a stand up paddleboard (or a few) on many of our other Utah rafting trips, as well as on Idaho’s Main Salmon and the Snake River through Hells Canyon.Don’t be shy about asking before you go. Of course, if you know you’re a SUP fan, and want to learn more about paddleboarding on rivers or take your skills to the next level, you can learn from the best on our Idaho Stand Up Paddleboard Experience.

So the next time you’re rafting with OARS, grab a SUP, paddle, and PFD, and give stand up paddleboarding a try. You’ll have a blast.

Stand Up Paddleboard Man

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